Volunteering for Pilgrims

Good Evening friends,

Time is running out so fast. If I go to past I am having a feeling that 2009 just started. Today we are already in third month. I am going for volunteering again. There are two missions. One as this Sunday is second Sunday of month; manav parivar is having free medical camp at matar, kheda, Gujarat. This is their routine activity and they are organizing it regular basis.


The second event is Holy Poonam Free food for pilgrims. On this full moon day, around a million pilgrims are going to Dakor a temple of Shree Ranchod Rai Bhagavan. If we talk with reference to Ahmedabad-Dakor, than it’s around 75 km from ahmedabad. Manav parivar is having its free food for pilgrims at Kanij, which is around 30 km away from ahmedabad. Manav Parivar kitchen starts on 11th day of full moon days and it last till full moonday that is 15th day.


I am going tomorrow morning to have the banner for the same event on the site and other preprations. I will talk on this in next post and try to come up with pictures too.

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