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Dhirendra Volunteering @ manavparivar-matar


Dhirendra Patel giving his volunteering service at free medical camp organize by manav parivar at matar, kheda, Gujarat.

IV Sunday-Free Medical Camp @ Manav Parivar Matar

Good Afternoon friends,

Saturday is here and I am going to attend free medical camp of manna parivar at matar. They are having it on every second and fourth Sunday of the month. Tomorrow is fourth Sunday. The way they have organized their activity and schedules it’s really nice. Let me share here.

Today morning a team of around 25-30 volunteers left from Ahmadabad for matar. All of them have different role to do once they reach manav parivar matar. We can make a list of their role and responsibilities.

1 ) Cleaning:-

· Cleaning the Medical Camp Site

· Cleaning the Kitchen

· Cleaning the OPD

· Cleaning the Medical Stores

· Cleaning the WC

2 ) Outside Gate Preparation- Parking Department Preparation:-

· Preparing Tokens

· Placing different sign boards

· Lights outside compound wall

· Cleaning

3 ) Case/Prescription Department Preparation:-

· Arranging Disease wise Tokens

· Add missing Tokens

· Delete duplicate or bad conditions Tokens

· Prepared Disease wise Prescription with ID

· Prepared Document sheets to enter patients details

· Prepared Statistical data papers

4 ) OPD Department Preparation:-

· Prepared doctors table

· Prepared patients waiting area

· Prepared examination Rooms

· Check and test Batteries

· Check and test BP instruments

· Check and test Stethoscope

· Check and test lights, fans in OPD

5 ) X-Ray, Laboratory Department Preparation:-

· Check and Test X-Ray machines, Cleaning,

· Check Microscope and related tools

· Check Syringe, Needles, Solutions,

· Check other tools and instruments required for Department

6 ) Cardiogram Department Preparation:-

· Check Cardiogram Machine

· Check the role and gel for it

· Cleaning Cardiogram Room

7 ) Medical Store:-

· Inward the New Purchase

· Refill all the buckets on all the counters

· 22 outlets are there, need to refill all bucket on all outlets

· Refill Semi Central Stock

· Keep Aside the Buffer Stock

8 ) Kitchen Department Preparation:-

· Cleaning all the buckets

· Check and test all the Burners and Stove

· Check the Fuel—LPG Gas, Kerosene

· Get ready row material for 18000 people food

I think I am able to write only few things these team is doing on Saturday but still its long list. I am getting late to go to matar, so will write more in next post in future. If you have any question you can ask me.

I am going in evening with a team of another 25-30 volunteers. They have to play different role for Sunday’s free medical camp. Ok friends, take care, good night.


Long Preparation



This is on of the food I’d like to eat.  It’s a long process of preparing but when it’s finish, the food tastes good.  You can see that sweets are ready for pilgrims at manav parivar center at Kanij on way to dakor.

Manav Parivar Free Food Center (2)



Good morning friends.  Just take a closer look of the banner.  It was put there in a good way.  We made sure that it will be seen by many who will go there.  Approaching to Dakor at Kanij, Manav parivar started their free food giving.  That place is approximately 30 km from Ahmedabad.   Many who are not Indians can’t read those words.  It says there …. “Manav Parivar Service Center- well come for food.”

Manav Parivar Free Food Center (1)



Good afternoon friends.  I came from Manav Parivar and I’m back at the office now.  You see the picture there?  We put that banner so that everybody can see it.  Its written in the banner…” Manav Parivar Service Center- well come for food.”  Everybody can go there and can take their food.  That place is at Dakor in Kanij.  It is aroung 30 km from Ahmedabad. It’s in the main highway.   The giving of free food to everyone is on going.

It’s time to go!

Good morning friends.  Today I will be going to Matar.  I’m going to prepare and arrange everything there for tomorrows medical camp.  Monitoring everything there is not easy, but I’m positive with everything that I will have a good result.  It’s always a good feeling and a happy one that when ever I finished one task, all my tiredness of preparing everything has gone.  I will be going there alone this morning.  And I will come back tonight together with my family.  


You can see this big empty space.   You are looking to a long wide empty space.  So peaceful place.  For tomorrows event, it will not become empty.  That empty space will accommodate many people and even I will say the huge space is not enough.  I will make sure that everything there will be ready.  This is the things that made me happy always all the time.  The planning, the preparation, everything.  “Lord, thank you for giving me this strength to do all this.  With your guidance I can do well.”

Volunteering for Pilgrims

Good Evening friends,

Time is running out so fast. If I go to past I am having a feeling that 2009 just started. Today we are already in third month. I am going for volunteering again. There are two missions. One as this Sunday is second Sunday of month; manav parivar is having free medical camp at matar, kheda, Gujarat. This is their routine activity and they are organizing it regular basis.


The second event is Holy Poonam Free food for pilgrims. On this full moon day, around a million pilgrims are going to Dakor a temple of Shree Ranchod Rai Bhagavan. If we talk with reference to Ahmedabad-Dakor, than it’s around 75 km from ahmedabad. Manav parivar is having its free food for pilgrims at Kanij, which is around 30 km away from ahmedabad. Manav Parivar kitchen starts on 11th day of full moon days and it last till full moonday that is 15th day.


I am going tomorrow morning to have the banner for the same event on the site and other preprations. I will talk on this in next post and try to come up with pictures too.