A Mirror cleanliness campaign

Good Morning, I am reader of Times of India. Times of India is having their local ahmedabad publication called Ahmedabad Mirror that is call AM. AM have started cleanliness campaign. I like to share following news I read.


The cleanliness campaign that Mirror has taken up is something that Fullerton India, a credit company, has been doing as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity for quite sometime. The company has identified a segment of their customers who live in unhygienic conditions.

“Our project ‘Clean Neighbourhood’ is a community-based environmental health programme which inspire individuals and communities to promote hygienic practices. The project is a part of our social responsibility activities that we carry out at Fullerton India,” said Bala Subramanian, vice president of CSR activities.

While branches of Fullerton India across the country have been actively conducting the cleanliness campaign for more than one-and-half years, its city branch started the cleanliness drive in May this year.

“We tied up with an event management company LiveOne which provided us brooms and masks. The Corporation and the police also supported us during our campaign,” says Rupen Dalal, business unit manager of the company.

Bijal Vasavada, an employee at the company, says, “Such activities should be organised more often. Initially, many of our colleagues were a little apprehensive in joining the drive. But in the end everybody contributed to this noble cause.”

Not only the cleanliness drive, the Fullerton group also organises painting competition for school students on theme of clean environment. 


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