Readings for Volunteer Training

Good Morning friends, I was reading about volunteer training on net and I found this note very good. It’s small in size and quantity at the same time, it’s very effective. Some volunteer programs are moving training to the Internet, through a Web site or via email. In some cases the handbook for volunteers is online and available to anyone with an interest.  How effective is “reading” as a training tool and are there ways to enhance learning, when reading is the most likely format for teaching? Here are some tips.


Things to consider when selecting reading as a training tool:

  • Readings are materials that provide information or instruction about a topic.
  • Reading assignments do not stimulate the senses; therefore,   there is poor retention of the material covered.
  • Reading assignments should always be accompanied by some type of feedback exercise.
  • Readings work best when the trainer builds in some form of accountability for the learner.
  • Readings should be related to real-world problems, projects or products.
  • Readings can be helped by providing the learner with a “structured notepad” that guides his reading and note-taking.
  • Readings that provide growth for the learner should be provided.

Ref: volunteertoday, wood blinds, premierinns


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