Obama teammate Sonal Shah is a Sabarkantha girl

Good Evening Friends, Barack Obama elected as first black American president of United States of America. Something being Gujarati and amdavadi we can take proud for. A daughter from sabarkantha, Gujarat has been appointed an advisory board member by US president elect Barack Obama.


A day after US announced its historic verdict, Gabat, a tiny hamlet in faraway Sabarkantha, is celebrating. For, one of its daughters has been appointed an advisory board member by US president-elect Barack Obama. Sonal Shah, 40, an economist who co-founded Indicorps, is part of a panel comprising individuals with significant private and public sector experience who will offer their expertise in their respective fields to Obamas transition team. Born in Mumbai, Sonal completed her studies in US after her father Ramesh Shah moved from Gujarat to New York in 1970. She, along with her sister and mother, joined him in 1972.


While Sonal, the eldest sibling, grew up in US, India helped define her strong social service values, says sister Roopal. “Sonal believes strongly in the power of young people to make a difference like Obama, she too believes in the spirit of service and the spirit of sacrifice. Thats why Sonal, my brother Anand, and I started Indicorps, which reconnects non-resident Indians back to India to work on specific development projects in India,” says Roopal, a co-founder of Indicorps. While Roopal and Anand live in Ahmedabad, Sonal serves on the board of directors at Indicorps and many other non-profit organisations in the US. She was in Ahmedabad earlier this year.


Relatives know Sonal, a former Goldman Sachs executive who now heads Googles philanthropic arm, as somebody strongly committed to whatever she does. “She was a good athlete, extremely good at tennis and volleyball,” says her sister. Sonal currently works for Google.Org on their global development team, where she is engaged in defining their global development strategy and promoting philanthropy.


Prior to joining Google, she was vice-president at Goldman Sachs and Co where she developed and implemented its environmental strategy. She has also served as the associate director for economic and national security policy at the Centre for American Progress, where she worked on trade, outsourcing and post-conflict reconstruction issues.

In the past, she also worked with department of treasury on various economic issues and regions.


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