Talk on Computerization

We all volunteer were sitting together and talking on different topics. Krunal come up with the subject Computerization in any industry. As he is hardware engineer in one company, he needs to travel a lot and he is having good exposer of his field as well as computerizes industry. We started our talk on computerization in industry and things to be taken care before and after computerization and processes and methods by which it can be done. We also talked exchange management.

Krunal come up with his view this way. The first thing he discussed to us is the goal of computerization in industry.  These are the increase productivity, minimize production waste and inventory, reduce the costs, perform data accessibility and data reliability, active directory management, standardize the production techniques, optimized the follow up, improvement of the business and the client relation. Everyone ask him to explain each of the above terminology first. He explains that. He discussed the goal of computerization to business income generation which are improvement of the sell more products, sale management, client relation management, standardize the contacts, active directory and the improvement to follow up of contracts. Someone ask him to talk on computerization with reference to government institutions.

He said in the Government institutions the improvement of the productivity and decision process, the improvement of reliability (production, commerce, national revenue, and improvement of procedures, improvement of reliability and quality, and the improvement of relationship from government/citizen and government/government and to optimize the needed information. Active directory tools help keep all the data safe and secure. The general goals of computerization, which are to perform the simple and repetitive operations properly, the application of the same rule or calculus to a big amount of data and the processing of big amount of data in short time.

There is also a big impact on Human Resources and work organization which is the reorganization of all work process, while in decision making: each manager will have information & tools to make decisions easily, information is available and reliable, simulations are possible and see the impact, extrapolations are easier, aggregation of data is possible, and alerts on sensitivity parameters are available.  Every manager on his level can have good view of facts data bases and data query, data aggregation and integration, exchange tools, data interpretation, simulation and extrapolation.  The impact with the productivity depends on employee’s involvement and motivation, process definition, information system implementation quality, new organization and information quality, and also it depends on the examples of projects with better productivity: alliance and examples of difficult project

As of the last part of our discussion was the summary. The overall summary is that computerization is a very performant technique.  It impacts all the aspects of the company or institution life and relations.  All these aspects are an important part of the project.  Human aspects are the most important. Production processes must be mostly simplified and standardized.


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