What is Volunteering?

To understand volunteering, we need to understand volunteer word first. A volunteer is someone who works for a community or for the benefit of environment. Volunteer is someone who works for selfless activity. Activity can be any in physical form but his purpose to do that activity is selfless. He/She is doing that for someone other than him/her self. Volunteer choose to do his/her activity. The word comes from Latin, and can be translated as “will” (as in doing something out of ones own free will). Many serve through a non-profit organization – sometimes referred to as formal volunteering, but a significant number also serve less formally, either individually or as part of a group. A person helping a blind man to select from roman shades or cellular shades is also called volunteer. Any act done without self motive is called volunteering.


There is other opinion about volunteer. It says volunteer may or may not get paid.

A volunteer may or may not get paid or receive compensation for services rendered. Sometime in society, person ready to give his/her time or service and he/she be paid.


Volunteering comes in many forms: giving free education to illiterate people, helping government in times of natural calamity, cleaning wood blinds or faux wood blinds or vertical blinds in veteran  care house or orphan house, serving food at the local homeless shelter, providing computer technical support to a non-profit organization, acting in a leadership capacity on a charitable organization’s board of directors or coordinating the emergency response in the case of a disaster. Around the world volunteer centers exist to support the voluntary sector and make a difference in the communities that they serve.


2 responses to “What is Volunteering?

  1. I agree with most your definitions of Volunteering but I can’t agree with your assertion that a “volunteer may or may not get paid.” In my book, volunteering is UNPAID work for the benefit of …

    As soon as you introduce payment, you change the relationship to employment, with all the legal issues that brings.

    However, the only thing a volunteer should give you is his or her time. So I strongly believe that it’s good to offer to meet all reasonable expenses incurred in order to do the volunteering.

    As you say, there are as many volunteer roles as you can imagine – including the trustees and management committee and board members of very many organisations who also give their time.


  2. I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying your blog. When I turn on my computer every day, I always saw new good articles. Keep up the good work!!!

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