Manav Parivar’s Free Medical Camp visit-2

Hello Friends,

Today is New Year day here. I start my day with prayer. Than i go mahurat of my business., Now again I am going to Manav Parivar’s Free Medical Camp. Today is holiday here, so i am going from after noon and will back tomorrow evenig.




One response to “Manav Parivar’s Free Medical Camp visit-2

  1. Hi, my name is Sheri Patel. I am a 4th year medical student from the U.S. interested in doing a rotation in Gujarat. I would really like to work in a hospital or clinic setting that serves the impoverished and underpriviliged who are unable to receive health care elsewhere. I live in a nation where if you are poor you still have the accessibility to health care through government assisted programs such as Medicaid. I feel that I have learned a lot from my rotations that I have completed in the U.S. but I have a strong desire to see more. I’ve been to India three times in my life and it saddens me to see that in the same villages that my mother and father originate from there are so many suffering from poverty, disease, lack of preventative medicine. I want to help and feel like I’m taking some measure to do something rather than just acknowledging that I am saddened by these images. I know that one medical student can’t make a huge difference but I hope I can help in at least some way. I am hoping you can offer some suggestions as to where I can participate and volunteer at a hospital or clinic in Gujarat. My intended dates are anytime early December as I have rotations scheduled here until then. My email address is listed above but is Thank you for your time.

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