Manav Parivar’s Free Medical Camp visit_update2

My journey started from Saturday late evening around 10-30 pm. A team of volunteer came to pick me from my location. They were 9 people including one MD doctor and two female. We start our journey toward Matar. I notice one thing that all of the 9 people were so happy, like they are going for some fun point place. They were talking like as its 4th Sunday, we will have more patients. So, I was so curious to see the site.


Around an hour and half of driving we reach near to the site.  It was around 00-10 am. Few autoricshow was there full with people. I ask that dr. with me that who are they? He replies to me that they are patients and they are just arrived. I surprise, it was a group of around 30-35 people. So, he told me hold your curiosity, you are going to view something beyond your imagination. It was around 00-20 am and I found 4 volunteer were standing on the road and they were managing parking. I ask dr. again, what is this? he replied that this is the 4 wheeler parking area for patients. These volunteer are giving their service overnight here. We move forward from there and I found a queue of cars parked so nicely and I start counting the cars parked at that time and it was 38 cars. Ohhhhhhh my god, at 00-20, 38 cars were parked in the parking at midnight.


I start viewing people sleeping there and I ask dr., does we reached our site, dr. reply me that nooooooooo, we are still away from there and I find people were sleeping there. We are reaching more and closer to the site and I found more and more crowd was there. It was remote area. I just notice farms all around the place. I start noticing light now and found people moving here and there. We reach to the main gate of the Manavparivar’s Medical Camp’s site. It was huge gate. I notice few people were sitting on two tables and I notice that as they see our car, one of them stand up and open the gate.

I ask them how many people are there right now and I get reply from dr. that they have 1500+ patients all ready get the token. Just imagine 1500+ one day ahead of medical camp. It was something I never see in my life.


I need to stop here now, will continue with my description in next talk.


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